Shoop's in Santa Monica
Shoop’s in Santa Monica
September 4, 2012
Steuben Parade
The Steuben Parade!
September 9, 2012
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International Marketplace in Las Vegas

The International Marketplace

The International Marketplace in Las Vegas is aptly named, if understatedly so. Multicultural in the extreme, owners Peter and Joyce Kwan handpick their eclectic assortment of items from across Asia and almost every country in Europe, for starters. They also distribute to Las Vegas’ major casinos, providing them with some of the best foods from all over the world.

As much tourist destination as grocery warehouse, visitors come from far and wide to purchase specialty items that are normally high priced and hard-to-find. And of course, our very favorite corner of the world is represented by a variety of Schaller & Weber products.

Pick up a package of coarse teawurstgoose liver pate, or double smoked bacon to pair with—who knows? Fusilli? Thai nam pla? Some English marmalade? At International Marketplace, the world is literally your oyster. Or fishhead.