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Cafe D’Alsace in New York City
September 13, 2012
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September 17, 2012
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For Sausage, DBGB


Opened in 2009 and named by Gourmet as one of 100 “restaurants worth the money” worldwide, and “a very good restaurant” by the New York Times, DBGB is still going strong in the Bowery.

We love Chef Daniel Boulud’s extensive list of housemade sausages and all their respective accoutrement: his Boudin Noir (made from blood and pig’s head) paired with scallion-laced potatoes; the spicy Merguez served best at the bar on a bun with a cool mint yogurt; and pan-roasted Italian, atop tender fennel and fragrant tomato.

A little-known but happy fact is that Schaller & Weber also participates behind the scenes, lending quality and flavor (in the form of our double smoked bacon, for instance) to a few of the chefs’ impeccable creations. In other words, if you haven’t been to DBGB yet, we recommend you add it to your list, preferably near the top.

At reasonable prices, the place sets pretension aside and elevates humble franks and sausages, plus many other things, to mouthwatering heights.