September 22, 2012
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September 27, 2012
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The Sausage Boss at Madison Square Garden

Sausage Boss

A tasty array of concessions has blossomed at Madison Square Garden over the past year; notably, Andrew Carmellini’s Sausage Boss now serves up Schaller & Weber Cheddar Brats in multiple stands throughout the arena.

Carmellini, a Knicks fan (and otherwise known as the chef and owner of The Dutch and Locanda Verde), was one of a handful of high-end restaurateurs selected to amp up the mainstream fare fans had come to expect at the game or a concert. But this is not your average $9 hot dog: the Boss first braises the bratwurst in Belgian Hoegaarden beer, then tops it with weinkraut—that’s sauerkraut cooked in wine—and, finally, tucks it all into a warm Martin’s potato bun, which is perhaps a tribute to his Midwestern upbringing.

The one-handed meal can be enjoyed as you elbow your way back to your seat, or as you wave that big foam finger.