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Zupan’s Markets in Portland, Oregon


Visitors to Portland, Oregon (and residents alike), should look no further for the makings of their next meal than this well-stocked, high quality grocer, now with four locations in the metro area.

Family-owned and operated since 1975, Zupan’s offers the brightest, freshest produce, the finest meats and cheeses, and a thorough selection of wine and beer, which they taste in their store weekly. The staff are as friendly as they are knowledgeable, and they’ll happily help you find Schaller & Weber products there, along with just about anything else you could possibly imagine.

As fellow purveyors and lovers of fine food, we’d like to publicly acknowledge the contribution the late John Zupan made to the community by living his “dream and desire to offer the freshest, very best food to Portland area food-lovers.” Well done.