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More Oktoberfest at Blaue Gans

Blaue Gans

Between the clientele (not to name-drop or anything, but, Lou Reed! Lou Reed!), eclectic vintage wall hangings preserved from the space’s previous occupant, Le Zinc, and the beautifully executed German-Austrian menu, chef Kurt Gutenbrunner’s restaurant Blaue Gans in TriBeCa remains a staple for consistently enjoyable, unpretentious, and authentic cuisine.

Over plates of satisfying bistro fare–including smoked trout torte, pork jäger schnitzel, and a variety of Schaller & Weber sausages–and that compulsory round of beer, carried over in the impressive Germanic way with a minimum of four steins to a single hand, the conversation tends to just flow, filling up the large room with the laid-back, happy chatter of a great casual spot.

Their current Oktoberfest menu is available after 5 p.m. through the end of the month, and it features Fleischpflanzerl (similar to Frikadellen) with “mashed potatoes and crispy onions,” as well as the tempting Butscher Platter, a delicious array of “roasted pork shoulder, bratwurst, smoked pork, sauerkraut and brezn dumpling.”  Sounds like a–forgive me–weiner.