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Central Market in Texas

Central Market

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and Central Market is no exception—each of their 9 locations boasts at least 75,000 square feet.

It’s no wonder, either, when you consider that they offer specialty gourmet items from almost every country on Earth, including over 700 varieties of fresh produce, cheeses out the wazoo, an in-house bakery (and full kitchen, and culinary school), a thorough organics department, a hefty selection of consciously-raised meat and seafood, and a well-stocked wine and beer section. But size isn’t everything, and the founders of Central Market know that: we love them for their die-hard dedication to quality.

That’s why Schaller & Weber makes a proud appearance there, in the form of pates, cervelat, and lachsschinken (cured and smoked pork that tastes like lox). If you haven’t tried these items before, then Central Market is definitely the place to get ’em.