Frische Blutwurst
Frische Blutwurst
October 31, 2012
TurDucKen for Turkey Day
November 13, 2012
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FRESH by Brookshire’s in Tyler, TX

FRESH by Brookshire's

In the past two years, East Texas has welcomed a new grocery store (and several hundred new jobs) into its midst. FRESH by Brookshire’s in the city of Tyler is extensively stocked; you’re sure to find unpronounceable produce and a customizable taco bar there, for starters, and as you peruse its aisles you’ll encounter a nice balance of specialty and staple items.

We’ve visited a healthy number of grocery stores in our travels, and we know the best ones cultivate a strong sense of community. FRESH is no exception to this rule, with “Freshologists” on hand to offer a suggestion for dinner or just to point you in the right direction. While there this past weekend, offering samples of Schaller & Weber cervelat, liverwurst, and lachsschinken to shoppers, we felt right at home.

FRESH has formulated a concept that brings new ideas, including its LEED-certified building, to the simple tradition of offering high quality goods in abundance.