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November 13, 2012
Billy's buck
Billy’s Buck
November 19, 2012
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Das Bierhaus

A quote from Das Bierhaus’ dinner menu: “We dedicate 100% of our draft lines to German biers.” Alright, looks like my work here is done…see ya in Burlington.

I kid, I kid. We definitely owe the folks over at Das Bierhaus a better review than that. And, to be honest, a half-liter of Franziskaner doesn’t quite do it for me anymore without a juicy, plump, fragrantly spiced currywurst by its side. Which is lucky, because (Schaller & Weber!) wursts are among the best at DB, served up “with a twist of Vermont,” which means housemade sauces that are nothing if not fragrantly spiced, plus there’s local and organic sauerkraut. The Haus itself spans two floors and a rooftop deck, with spare, clean, comfortable decor–true Old World spirit with none of the dust or decaying taxidermy of many hallowed haunts. An affable staff provides consistently excellent service. DB is great for groups; come for drink specials and a pretzel as you watch the game, or check out the live music played by Burlington’s local oompah band, Inseldudler.

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