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January 3, 2013
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S&W Nuernberger Bratwursts

Nuernberger Bratwursts

I can remember the first time I tried these, rather untraditionally, for breakfast one day. Having tasted our Bratwurst and most of the other Schaller & Weber sausages already, I figured I wasn’t in for much of a surprise. Plus, these were weeny little wieners.

But as soon as I took my first piping hot, browned-on-all-sides, perfectly snapping bite, I became faithful for life. The aroma of marjoram positively leaks through each link while the crispy-brown outside rightly contrasts a pliable inside. Nuremberg, or Nürnberg, is a city in German Bavaria; as legend has it, there is exactly one correct recipe for its signature sausage.

How’d S&W get hold of it? You’d have to ask owner and head butcher Ralph. In the meantime, I suggest three to a bun.