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March 9, 2013
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March 18, 2013
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What to Eat on St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Brand Bangers

You know it’s mid-March when Spring starts stirring under her snowy blanket and Green Cabbage goes on sale at Fairway. This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, the annual beer-feast that’s liable to get sloppy without the proper nourishment to accompany it. So what’s it going to be?

Corned beef? Scotch eggs? My mother used to make me drink milk with green food coloring in it.

The (debatable) fact is that Irish food just really isn’t all that appetizing. The country is better known for its Great Famine than for its culinary heritage. Consider shepherd’s pie, for instance. No, for your own sake, have a potato instead.

But my mind and palate were opened to the possibility that the Irish had a little luck, after all, when I bit into a juicy S&W Irish Brand Banger for the first time. Flavorful, with just the right amount of snap, you may not feel compelled to have anything else with your Guinness for years to come. (Never mind that Bangers and mash is more likely to be considered an English dish than an Irish one—it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and the package says “Schaller & Weber Irish Brand,” damn it.) Anyway, have it with sauerkraut—green cabbage is on sale.