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January 15, 2018
Schaller and Weber is Coming to The Market Line and Essex Crossing
February 8, 2018
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Our Dynamic Gold Medal Pâtés

Gold Medal Pate

 Go for the Gold Medal… with our delicious pâtês!

We’re pretty sure you’ve caught on by now, but in case you think pâtés are just for spreading on crackers and bread, think again. Our pâtés and spreads are as dynamic as Chloe Kim, 17-year-old snowboarder for Team USA, is on the halfpipe. Deliciously spectacular in every way. Try our all-natural pâté sampler to get a taste of seven Schaller & Weber staples today including our favorite lately, the Gold Medal Pâtê.

Then join chef Claire Robinson on our YouTube series “How to Meat” to learn how to make a number of easy, hearty dishes you can enjoy while watching your favorite athletes compete for Olympic glory from home. Start with deviled eggs and then try the Beef Wellington or the pâté Beschamel on your favorite  schnitzel or spaetzle.

If you still just want to enjoy some classic pâté on bread action, don’t worry, Claire’s got you covered for that too with a pâtê crostini that takes the concept up a notch.

In case you missed a special someone yesterday, don’t forget that nothing says I love you like our Maple Bacon Gift Pack which has everything you need to make one of our favorite recipes. Watch our YouTube series with Claire Robinson to learn the super simple candied maple bacon recipe that’s great on it’s own and stuffed into a melty, golden grilled cheese.