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Make the Most of Summer with These Not-So-Classic BLTs

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Just smile and say, “I’ll have another BLT please!”

We’re kicking off summer with our favorite sandwich: The BLT (that’s bacon, lettuce, tomato in case you’ve been living on another planet), we’re giving you the details on our favorite ways to prepare this classic American sandwich, plus some special ways to save on making it extra delicious.

Never tried a BLT? Start with the basics and so you can later build on the classic. Use your favorite bread, spread on some flavorful mayo to enhance an extra ripe, juicy tomato, and a thick smoky cut of bacon like the ones you get from our dry cured double smoked slabs.

The BLT is the second most popular sandwich in America, right after the ham sandwich, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t combine them both. If you’re in the area, pick up a ham (or just a few slices) from the deli, or order one of our Smoked Swedish Hams straight to your door and save 10% using the code SPRING. Then, after you’ve served a ham feast to family or friends, don’t forget to save a slice or two of the leftovers for the next day (or that night if you’re anything like us) to make a delicious BLTH.

One of the best parts of a BLT is the ability to eat it any time of the day. Try it topped with a jammy, fried egg or replace the tomato with a tomato jam and toast your bread. If you really want to go the flavor distance, pick up our maple bacon gift pack and prepare Claire Robinson’s recipe for maple bacon. This sweet and savory treat might make you forget there’s any other way to eat a sandwich— or bacon for that matter.

BLT Fun Fact: It’s Kevin Bacon’s favorite sandwich! Though he typically prefers the BLAT, a variation with bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato when he’s not busy cooking up more spins on the recipe including a BLOAT and a BLASTOFF (that last one is bacon, lettuce, avocado, smoked salmon, tomato, olives and french fries… phew!) You can watch Bacon talk about it here on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon if you don’t want to take our word for it.

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