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July 26, 2018
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Picnic Ham Makes a Perfect Summer Snack

Picnic Ham

Save 15% when you purchase our Picnic Ham Pack today! 

This season is sweeter with smoked pork and one of our summertime favorites is a Schaller Specialty: Our Smoked Pork Butts (better known to some as the “picnic ham”) come ready to snack and are a pleaser for the whole party.

These hams are great on the grill because they come cured, smoked and fully cooked using our traditional German techniques that seal in the flavorful smokey essence of these shoulders. They only need a few minutes charring on the grill to unlock even more rich flavor.

Got leftovers? Sliced picnic ham heated up in a pan goes great next to our double smoked dry cured bacon on the breakfast plate. In the mood for lunch? Tuck slices into sandwiches alongside juicy tomatoes between slices of rye slathered with mayo and Bavarian Style Sweet and Spicy Mustard. Oh, and don’t forget to top it off with one of our German-style deli pickles.

Celebrate the full swing of summer with our Picnic Ham Pack and save 15% on your smoked pork shoulder when you purchase it with some Schaller & Weber favorites including our best-selling pâtés and tasty salamis, Plymouth cheese and a box of Olina’s crispy wafers.

The Summer Picnic Basket (67.99) includes: