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We Made Mornings Better with Breakfast Sausage

We’re giving you another reason to live for the weekend. Schaller & Weber brings nearly a century of sausage making expertise to introduce our first-ever all-natural American-style breakfast sausages: Chicken Apple and Turkey Maple.

After months of recipe testing and plenty of feedback from our family of staff, we’re proud to give these sausages a seat at the breakfast table next to our classic double-smoked bacon you already know and love.

Try our Turkey Maple breakfast sausages that combine the subtle sweetness of maple syrup with warm flavor and aroma of sage. It’s a contemporary breakfast staple infused with plenty of old-world heritage. Our turkey sausages offer robust flavor from a lower-fat meat, perfect for those looking to cut down on fats without giving up flavor or crucial grams of protein. The Schaller & Weber Turkey Maple Breakfast Sausage is the perfect way to add sweet and savory to your morning meal.

The charcuteriers at Schaller & Weber pushed the apple flavor to the front in our Chicken Apple Breakfast Sausage. Starting with our traditional sausage recipe, then adding the right chicken and finding the best apple for flavor, we’ve created an unbeatable breakfast sausage. The natural sweetness of the fruit and the savory chicken sausage create a great foundation for your breakfast or brunch without weighing down the meal.

We’re also gearing up for Oktoberfest! Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your Oktoberfest Pack and impress your family and friends when you recreate a true Oktoberfest at home.

The Oktoberfest Pack (43.99) includes: