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Meats to Make Your Holidays

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…It’s time for the great feast(s)! 

Schaller & Weber has the ingredients, recipes, and tips you need to make sure your holidays go to plan.

Let the meat be the star on your holiday table. Add one of our Smoked Swedish Party Hams or a Smoked Pork Butt (Picnic Ham) to your table.  Just think of the leftover sandwiches slathered with Düsseldorf Style Horseradish Mustard and snappy delicatessen pickles between slices of rye.

Leftovers are part of the holiday tradition. So make extra when you try out our brand-new recipes. Set the table with our Nürnberger Sausage Stuffing with Apples and Candied Pecans, juicy and flavorful cooked in or out of the bird, and a great use for our little Nürneberger links. For an alternative (or an addition) to traditional creamy mashed potatoes, try our Crispy Bacon Fat Potatoes made with fresh rosemary. It’s a great way to make use of the rendered bacon fat from our double-smoked all-natural bacon.

Looking for a bird? Swing by the store to check on turkeys, goose and duck breast in stock. Duck breasts make an especially good game plan when you’re only cooking for a small group.

Need a drink? Try a cocktail using the brine from our classic German deli pickles. Swap it for olive juice in a bloody mary or a martini and add it to your lemon juice in a whiskey sour. Don’t forget the pickle garnish!

Looking to get your holiday shopping done early? Check out our new holiday gift packs on the site. Get the Holiday Spread gift pack as an early present to yourself and take the stress out of planning a bite for when your guests arrive. Complete with both Gold Medal Pâté and Pâté with Goose, Appenzeller (a Swiss alpine cheese,) Amareńa cherries, and buttery Natural Cheese Co. Crackers. You’ll have to remind yourself to save room for the main event.

Keep an eye out this season for even more holiday recipes and cooking tips here on The Butcher’s Blog. Share your cooking adventures with us on Instagram using the hashtag #schallerweber. We’ll be looking out and reposting our favorites.

Each Holiday Spread Gift Pack (49.99) includes: