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November 27, 2018
Schaller & Weber Chicken Basil and Louisiana Hot Sausage
Chicken Basil And Lousiana Hot Sausage
February 18, 2019
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Introducing Pre-Sliced Salami Packs 

Retail Sliced Salami Packs

In 2019, we’re raising the charcuterie game. For the first time ever, Schaller & Weber is offering pre-sliced 4 oz. packs of your favorite salamis. Sliced salamis, previously only available from our New York City deli counter, can now be shipped nationwide. Upgrade your charcuterie board with our uncured garlic and pepperuncured beef, and uncured pepper-coated salami.

If you don’t already know and love Schaller & Weber salamis, discover the living legacy behind Ferdinand Schaller’s training in the art of curing and smoking meats nearly a century ago. In fact, the only real change is that each of these three salamis is now all natural.

In a market saturated with hundreds of different styles of pork salami, Schaller & Weber Uncured Beef Salami is a true standout. The smoking and drying processes we’ve stuck to for 80 years accentuate the bold flavor of the beef. It’s a rare style, and salami-lovers know we make it better than anyone. 

Try our Uncured Garlic and Pepper Salami and find out why Germans have been adding garlic and pepper to their salamis for centuries: simply because it’s as close to perfection as a salami can be. The intense burst of garlic is flecked by the snap of black peppers and the two flavors are surrounded the smokiness that underlies each incredible bite. Honoring the timeless flavor of this the style, Schaller & Weber Uncured Salami with Garlic and Pepper is a true old-world recipe. 

The flavorful, semi-dry style behind Schaller & Weber Uncured Peppercoated Salami is already rich with an old world flavor. We then roll it in ground black pepper for an exceptional presentation and a tangy kick around the edge. The pepper-coated exterior gives each slice added texture and distinction on your meat plate. Plus, it has just enough peppery taste to add another dimension to anything you’re pairing with this salami. This year we can’t wait to see what Schaller & Weber goodies you’ll be cooking. Share them with us on Instagram using the hashtag #schallerweber. We’ll be sharing our favorites throughout the new year. In New York City? Come in and try the new menu next door at Schaller’s Stube featuring the bold and flavorful Schaller & Weber sausages you love.