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February 18, 2019
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June 16, 2019
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Cheesier Cheddar Brats with Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Plymouth Artisan Cheese Cheddar Brats

Our famous Cheddar Brats just got a whole lot cheesier. 

We partnered with Plymouth Artisan Cheese, the second oldest cheese company in the United States (founded in 1890 by Calvin Coolidge’s father), to bring you a brand new Cheddar Brat that explodes with cheesy goodness.

We kept our original smoked pork sausage recipe with its flavorful spice blend built on 81 years of sausage-making tradition and added Plymouth Original Wax Cheddar made in Vermont. The result? A completely all-natural sausagethat’s bolder than ever.

Try our new Cheddar Brats hot off the grill loaded with even more Plymouth Cheddar, and a thick slice of our famous double-smoked bacon tucked into a delicious Balthazar Bakery Bun when you buy our Bacon Cheddar Brat Gift Pack. Inspired by the cheesy bacon-wrapped hot dogs found late-night in San Francisco’s Mission District, we decided to recreate this west coast favorite with the best of the east. After all, what could be better than bacon and more cheese? 

Looking for other ways to experiment? These cheesy brats are now available in versatile retail (x4 links) and bulk (2.5 lb) packs. Try these cheddar brats in a chili cheese dog á la Schaller’s Stube! If you really want to win over family and friends, try our new recipe for the best corndogs you’ve had in your life. Dip them in honey-mustard homemade with our Sweet & Spicy Bavarian Mustard and all other corndogs will quickly become inferior.

The Bacon Cheddar Brat Pack (41.99) includes: