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Dirndl Kitchen Heimweh Christmas Box

Dirndl Kitchen Heimweh Christmas Box

Home for the Holidays

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"I'm Sophie from Dirndl Kitchen and curated this Heimweh (Homesick) box with my most loved and hard-to-find German food items that feel like an edible hug from my German family during Christmas time."

Wiener Sausages - It's traditional to eat potato salad and Wiener sausages for Christmas Eve.  These Wiener sausages taste exactly like home.
Nürnberger Sausages - When we eat Raclette on Christmas Eve, my Opa always prefers grilling some Nürnberger Sausages on the grill.
Oblaten (small) - these are the size you need to make my Makronen (German coconut macaroons).
Oblaten (big) - these are the size you need to make my Lebkuchen (German gingerbread).
Teewurst - Tastes amazing on some homemade German bread and Schaller & Weber's is the only Teewurst I have EVER been able to find in the US.
Gold Metal Paté - The gold metal paté (Leberwurst) is like spreading love. Try it on my Sunflower seed rolls for Frühstück (a German breakfast).
Cooked Bratwurst - perfect to add to the grill for your next cookout, although I also love cooking it in a pan for my German-inspired sliders or on homemade pretzel buns.
Truffle Brats - the elevated Bratwurst that needs no further explaining. It's just so uniquely delicious with the perfect amount of black truffle.
Pickles - top your Leberwurst (paté) with some sliced pickles and you're never going back.
Düsseldorf mustard - not too grainy, not too spicy. This is the perfect German mustard for Bratwurst, salad dressings and more.
Haribo Weihnachtsbäckerei - The original Haribo from Germany, which tastes so much better!
Leckerlee Lebkuchen - This small-batch German gingerbread made in Chicago is the BEST I have ever had and brings me straight to Germany.
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"Schaller & Weber captures the true essence of German and Austrian flavors in America." Markus Glocker, Chef-Partner Koloman

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