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Black and white photo of two Schaller & Weber crew cross-armed and leaning against vintage delivery car.
Black and white photo of two Schaller & Weber crew cross-armed and leaning against vintage delivery car.

A Tradition Of Taste

The Schaller & Weber story begins nearly one hundred years ago with Ferdinand Schaller as an apprentice butcher and sausage maker in Stuttgart, Germany. Fast forward through years of experience and adventure and you'll find Ferdinand operating his butcher shop in the Yorkville neighborhood of New York's Upper East Side.

The Favorite Among Tastemakers

The great flavors of Schaller & Webber sausages and charcuterie is sure to win over your friends and family. But to really impress, tell them it's the preferred meat of chefs across the city and international competition judges around the globe.

"I always go to Schaller & Weber for all of my sausages. The bacon and ham products that they make are also the best I've ever tasted in America."

Kurt Gutenbruner

Chef/Owner, Wallse, Blaue Gans, Cafe Sabarski | New York City

Nick Korbee

"Schaller & Webber Double Smoked Bacon is unmatched by any other in the world, their German-style charcuterie is the best I've had in America."

Nick Korbee

Chef, Egg Shop | New York City

Phillip Roussel smiling at camera in white chef uniform holding a dish

"I always use all of the Schaller & Weber ingredients for my Choucroute Garnie. It is always most important to use the best ingredients for this dish so I use their sausages, kasseler, and sauerkraut every time."

Phillip Roussel

Chef, Cafe D’Alsace | New York City

Black badge with "Schaller & Weber est. 1937 logo, Fine Charcuterie, Gold Medal Meats" in gold writing

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The Yorkville Shop That Started It All

The original store has been standing near the intersection of Second Ave and 86th Street since Ferdinand Schaller and Tony Weber founded the company. In that era, butchers were known for focusing on one style. The two founders specialized in pork, and the founders were there every day, producing each product by hand until the city knew Schaller & Weber was, and is, a true charcuterie.


1654 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10028


Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

  • Mingle with New Faces or...

    Not only will you find it a place that serves some of the best drinks on the Upper East Side, but it’s also a place to feel inspired with great conversation in an atmosphere that stimulates creativity.

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  • ...Wind Down with Old Ones

    An eclectic menu filled with German classics as well as chef curated “Quality Wursts” drawing on various local and ethnic flavors along with quick service to the street or a fun place to sit, eat and catch up with friends.

    Visit Our Stube

Bring Tradition To Your Table


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