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Oktoberfest Pack

Oktoberfest Pack

Get the flavors of Oktoberfest any time of year.

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Nothing highlights the heritage of Germany’s meat meisters like a traditional Oktoberfest celebration. There are sausages and beers around each corner and every bite can overload your tastebuds. To help you create your own Oktoberfest experience, we’ve put together four styles of classic German sausages and enough mustard and sauerkraut to complement them. Each pack includes:

Humanely Raised Pork Cows Not Treated With rBST
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“This sausage [Weisswurst] will turn every meal into an Oktoberfest Celebration” — Arnold Schwarzenneger

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Weight: 4.75 lbs

Dimensions: 7 × 9 × 6 in