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Dirndl Kitchen Heimweh Box

Dirndl Kitchen Heimweh Box

Homesick for Authentic German Recipes

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POV: You moved away from Germany 15 years ago and one of the things you miss the most are the amazing German butcher products - Sophie Sadler, Dirdnl Kitchen

This box contains:

1 Pack Uncured Wieners 9oz
1 Pack Cooked Bratwurst 12oz
1 lb Piece of Double Smoked Bacon
1 Chub Teawurst 7oz
1 Chub of Krakauer 12oz
1 Chub of Gold Medal Pate 7oz
1 Jar of Imported Gurken Pickles 24.3oz
1 Bottle Dusseldorf Horseradish Mustard 9oz
1 Bottle Currywurst Ketchup 8.75oz

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