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Hey meat lover, take a bite on the wild side.


The origins of headcheese go back to the middle ages, when it was seen as a peasant food. But over the intervening centuries, charcuteriers like Ferdinand Schaller have tweaked the recipe and turned it into a gourmet favorite.

The Schaller & Weber headcheese is made only from select pork trimmings, cured and bound with gelatin, then mildly seasoned. It is truly a treat for food lovers around the world. It goes great on a sandwich or makes a tasty impact on a charcuterie board.

Humanely Raised Pork Cows Not Treated With rBST
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"People are always wondering where I love to shop and what I love to eat and I just have to tell you about Schaller & Weber” Martha Stewart, Celebrated Culinary Personality

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Pork, Pork Snouts, Water, White Vinegar, Gelatin, Salt, Sugar, Flavorings, Dextrose, Sodium Phosphates, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite  

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Weight: 7 lbs

Dimensions: 10 × 4.5 × 4.5 in